Friday, 25 June 2010

Salem House First Ever Blog

Here it is, after much trial and tribulation by Michael....the first, and definitely not the last SALEM HOUSE BLOG!! My only job now is to find interesting things to write about. Michael has gone to lots of effort today. Up and plugged in to his laptop this morning on his day off, working to set me up with this. I'm sure he is turning into cyborg!! Lots of coffee and frustration later, here I am typing away.....

Now, where to start, at the beginning would be best. We are Salem House, a furniture and home accessories company, based at you guessed it..... Salem House in Cornwall. We're a family owned business who have been trading in Antiques and Furniture for the past 20 years. What Mike doesn't know about furniture is not worth knowing and me, I just like pretty things for the home!

We sell a vast array of items, too many to list, but we've got all bases covered for every room - Bedroom, Lounge, Kitchen, Bathroom, Study plus all the little accessories that turn a house into a home. If you cant see what you you're looking for we can help there too, just click on our Live Chat and you never know, you may even get to chat to me!

I'm going to make use of what's left of the weekend now and think of lots of interesting things to tell you about. I think I'm going to enjoy keeping you all updated.

Bye for now furniture lovers!


  1. I stopped by your blog today. I lived in Truro many years ago.
    Cozy In Texas

  2. Hi Ann, Truro is my hometown. Hope you liked it here. We are having a heatwave at the moment - Cornwall is always glorious in the sunshine! Just about to check out your blog.