Monday, 5 July 2010

Furniture for the Fuller Figure

We have a hard job, sourcing furniture for the larger person. There are literally thousands of websites out there selling clothing and shoes for the particularly large out there. On the whole, we are getting bigger and bigger according to statistics. The USA were always the forerunners, but now it seems the UK is catching up - we are now officially one of the biggest nations in Europe!

If this is the case and there is so much out there in the way of outer and under and foot wear, why on earth has no-one cottoned on to the huge market out there for well made, attractive furniture. Chairs, beds, sofas, steps, ladders (the list is almost endless around the home and office) could be made for the person with a more ample figure. This doesn't just mean the obese in society, but there are a lot of tall heavy people and athletes that don't fit the mould of average weight constraints that most furniture is made to.

Suppliers and manufacturers are thin on the ground! If any of you read this and know of any UK suppliers, your feedback would be greatly welcome. At present we only stock one poor lonely chair. It has a big name - Titan and can hold a weight of 27 stone. (I wonder what would happen if you were 27 stone, fully clothed, holding your morning coffee!).
We also have some chairs that are wider in dimension, can take 18 stone and our supplier is currently looking into these having a gas lift (no jokes please!) capacity of 25 stone. They are the Northland and Lincoln - perfect for those bootylicious customers out there!

Bye for now furniture lovers!
Lisa x

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